How to Shop Smart in Costa Rica

It’s hard to believe that in a country with so much fresh produce we still insist on buying pre-packed, frozen and imported goods. Costa Rica is not just home to fantastic coffee, mouthwatering pineapples and mangoes – so where can you find the best produce that this paradise country has to offer without paying an arm and a leg?:

Farmers Markets:

Switch stocking up on your fruit and veg in a supermarket. Usually held on a Saturday and Sunday, farmers markets are part and parcel of Costa Rica culture. Aside from being able to buy a wide range of locally grown produce at less than half the price, it’s a fantastic opportunity to really feel part of your local community.:

From pure honey, fresh coffee, juicy fruits like pineapples, mangoes, strawberries and bananas to and crunchy vegetables like broccoli, potatoes and pumpkin you’ll also get the opportunity to take a look at the local arts and crafts.:


If you are lucky enough to be living on the coast of Costa Rica its time you started to talk to the local fisherman. From prawns, tuna and red snapper you will have the pick of the catch of the day before they get the chance to hit the supermarket shelves. The best thing about living on the coast of Costa Rica is the fact you can enjoy the freshest seafood suppers as you watch the sun set on another day in paradise!:

Do It Yourself:

Of course many families that have relocated to Costa Rica have done so because they recognize the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, something which can be easily accomplished in this paradise country.:

Where healthy living goes beyond just simply buying organic produce off the shelves many families have fully functioning allotments in their back gardens where they grow their very own vegetables.:

The chances are you’ll have mango, lemon, coconut and papaya trees growing in your back garden. With the tropical weather you’ll be amazed at quickly crops grow in Costa Rica. From potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, radish and lettuce some of the most forward thinking families are utilizing hydroponic farming to produce food for life.:

Make Friends with the Locals:

It goes without saying that someone who has lived in Costa Rica all their life will know where to find the cheapest and best produce. Getting involved with the local community will certainly help you in your quest to provide your family with not only a healthy but value for money meal. Once you start to get a real understanding of how expensive items can be in supermarkets you’ll soon find yourself talking to the locals to help you source the best local produce. Why buy frozen and pre-packed imported goods with little nutritional value when you have so much you can choose from in Costa Rica?:


Daveed Hollander

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