Retirement is Only the Beginning in the South Pacific of Costa Rica

Peter Stephenson has waited three years for this. He has sold his home and hardware business in New Jersey and is ready to make the move to the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

After first visiting this beautiful Central American country two years ago, he is all set for a very active retirement in my welcoming town of Dominical.

While carrying out his research, Peter discovered that aside from an overall healthier lifestyle his dollar could stretch further in Costa Rica. It’s certainly a benefit that I’ve noticed since living in the South Pacific.

After weighing up the advantages and disadvantages, Peter soon realized that he could save a significant amount on property taxes, insurance and medical fees if he made the move with his wife to Costa Rica.

Peter has acquired a 1.2 Ha ocean view lot in Los Altos de Miramar, Dominical. This is a pretty fantastic location. Positioned overlooking the Pacific Ocean he has opted to take advantage of the introductory prices before landscaping and roads are completed. Of the sixteen 400 acre parcel lots only a few remain.

With no mortgage to pay, I’ve told him he’ll need $2000 a month to live comfortably in the South Pacific. That’s including all insurances, car, delicious fresh food and fantastic eco adventure activities – sounds incredible doesn’t it? He has already calculated the ¼ of 1% he needs to pay for property tax and home insurance payments are minimal.

In August 2010, Peter and his wife, Sylvia came to Costa Rica for nothing more than a beach and sun vacation. They left knowing that this was where they wanted to continue their life adventure.

A prime concern for any retired couple is the quality of health care and the coverage of insurance policies. My family of three has had a family health care policy from INS for three years. We pay around $2500 annually and that gives us quality coverage and care at the best clinics and hospitals in Costa Rica.

Sylvia was also worried about how safe the South Pacific is; I explained to her that my family and I have lived here for more than 9 years with no incident. We are safer here that what we were in Southern California. While the crime rate in this area is low, because of our experience in the U.S we organized a Crime Prevention group that has been given national press coverage.

It was Sylvia who told me how she first fell in love with Dominical, “ Its natural beauty, off the beaten path yet in the path of development, its “Big Sur’ like coastline, void of “Name Brand” hotels. With all the help we have already received I really feel part of community and part of something special… great people and friends.” What more could you want?

James Drews

Vice President, Sales. Age 43 Prior to co-founding VESTA GROUP, James moved to Costa Rica in 1996 and began his real estate career here by co-founding Dominical Realty. In 2001, the company obtained a Coldwell Banker independent franchise, and three years later partnered with another Coldwell Banker franchise in Costa Rica to become Vesta Group, the Master-Franchise-holder for the entire country. As a member of the Global Association of Realtors and the U.S.-based National Association of Realtors, the Master Franchise has already grown to ten (10) offices throughout the country, with several more currently in process. James is married to a Costa Rican, and proud father of 3 daughters ages 7,10, and 20. James, is well respected among the local and foreign community, and carries high ethical standards, and a hard working family man that seeks to provide his customers with the best level of service possible. James goes out of his way to seek out new frontiers that are ahead of the wave, and specializes in rural and remote farmland, developing land and collecting legacy type of properties. Surfing big waves, fishing, hiking, and travel are favorite pastimes. Daily goal is a new discovery. Approaching 20 years of living in Costa Rica, James knows his territory well, and has much love for his new country and it's people, and will guide you well, and share his resources and local knowle​d​ge with you to make your new venture successful.​ ​