International Green Building Certification Adopted by Costa Rica

IFC and the Green Building Council of Costa Rica have announced the launch of the EDGE green building certification system in Costa Rica in an effort to boost resource efficiency and eco-friendly construction in new buildings. The announcement was made during the GBC-CR International Green Building Congress.

This is the first national launch to occur in Latin America for EDGE, which assists property developers in designing and constructing new buildings that will leave a lighter carbon footprint while also saving money.

According to IFC, buildings comprise 19 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and one-third of energy around the world. The most effective method for improving efficiency of resources in buildings is to begin with improving overall design. In addition to meeting that goal, the new green building certification system will also assist the Costa Rican government’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2021.

Free EDGE software is available to be used for both new residential and commercial buildings. The software makes it possible for design teams to access the most efficient methods for incorporating water and energy saving options into new buildings. In order to achieve a minimum EDGE standard, buildings must be able to achieve a 20 percent reduction in water and energy.

As a result of the new program, it is now possible for all new buildings in Costa Rica to achieve green building certification. The new program will help to feel a void in the market while also complementing other rating systems by providing an affordable, yet simple certification system. As such, the program has the potential to be adopted across a diverse array of properties.

Daveed Hollander

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