Dominical luxury homes in the South Pacific of Costa Rica

Investing in a luxury home might, at first thought, seem like an unnecessary extravagance. But consider this, with vacation rentals experiencing a new found popularity and tourism on the up in Costa Rica, a luxury home might be the perfect way to generate a quick return on investment.

The South Pacific town of Dominical offers great potential in terms of luxury vacation rental property. Dominical luxury homes benefit from spectacular coastal views and easy access to some of the best beaches in the country. Home to the famous naturally formed sandbank in the form of a whale’s tail the warm waters of the South Pacific are abundant with resident dolphins and visiting humpbacked whales.

Eco tourists have long held the South pacific in high esteem, thanks to its untarnished landscape of verdant foothills, vibrant tropical flora and fascinating fauna. Snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, canopy tours and horseback tours are popular Costa Rica activities in this area.

Thanks to a series of infrastructural improvements, Dominical luxury homes are becoming a popular choice with not only well healed travelers. The rise in popularity of the luxury vacation rental is largely due to the changing tendencies in travel and tourism. Since the worldwide economic crisis more people are choosing to travel in groups and this has revitalized the vacation rental industry.

Dominical Luxury homes offer more room than standard hotel designs. The added benefit of privacy and exclusive use of the residences facilities further adds to the appeal of a luxury vacation rental. When booking a group holiday vacation rentals offer better rates than hotel accommodation and a more personalized concierge service.

But aren’t Dominical luxury homes very expensive? Not everyone has a $1 million dollar of disposal cash lying around to invest and this is where fractional property investment comes into play. Although they are very much highly sought after there are a select few luxury fractional properties available that promise a fantastic return on investment. Fractional property investments in Dominical luxury homes range from $150,000 to $350,000, with owners benefiting from fractional ownership of the property and Unlike timeshares fractional owners benefit from increases in property value.

Daveed Hollander

With over 2 decades of doing business in Costa Rica real estate industry Daveed Hollander is a trusted realtor for the southern pacific region of Costa Rica. Delivering a professional and tailored service Daveed offers you a wide ranging portfolio of quality properties. With an in-depth knowledge and a genuine appreciation for the area, he enthusiastically supports sustainable development in the southern pacific. A respected and active participant in the local community Daveed and his family reside in Dominical. Fluent in English and Spanish, Daveed has established regional connections and excellent communication skills allow him to successfully identify valid and authenticated investment opportunities. Well known for his friendly and genuine approach your search for a potential property is benefited by his conscientious and detail orientated service.