Costa Rica – Stability, Optimism and Opportunity

The United States will always be hailed as the land of opportunity, but ongoing economic uncertainty has seen attention turn south of the border.

With stunning tropical landscapes, white sandy beaches and an abundance of wildlife it’s hard to believe that Costa Rica has even more to offer than meets the eye – but there’s something about this little Central American country that is both unique and astounding.

Ranked No.1 in 2009 on the Happy Planet Index for the highest life satisfaction in the world and the second highest average life expectancy of the Americas (second only to Canada) it’s time to take a closer look at Costa Rica.

Politically, socially and economically Costa Rica is one of the most stable countries in Latin America. Abolishing the army in 1948 and securing its position as an innovator in conservation and eco-tourism. An incredible 26% percent of Costa Rica’s land is comprised of natural reserves and national park systems that protect an estimated 4-6% of the world’s biodiversity and contribute to the countries flourishing $1.92 billion tourism industry.

Inevitably, as Costa Rica evolves the country weighs up the importance of infrastructural improvements and the environmental consequences. As development and expansion endures Costa Rica also has to tread carefully when it comes to international relations. The recent donation of $100 million stadium from the Chinese government has certainly raised a few eyebrows around the world.

However, the country continues to grow in diverse ways. In the South Pacific of Costa Rica, the announcement that a new international airport will open in 2014 has sparked the interest of many international property investors eager to capitalize on a rapidly progressing region.

For as little as $249,000 you can own a 5570 sqm piece of paradise, a prime ocean view lot located in the exclusive South Pacific community Escaleras, Dominical. This lot, with access to full services is one of many beautiful ready to build home sites in the South Pacific.

But it’s not just real estate that foreign investors are interested in.

Thanks to a high amount of qualified professionals that graduate from Costa Rica’s world ranked universities, this is prime recruitment territory. During the first nine months of 2011, Costa Rica received a total foreign direct investment of $1.5 billion. The arrival of technology and telecommunication companies has significantly contributed to this 52% increase investment compared to the same period of time in 2010.

This continued development has also seen the entrance of many of the Western food and apparel giants. With the recent announcement that Starbucks is setting up shop in Costa Rica it remains to be seen whether Ticos are going to move away from their already established coffee culture.

One thing remains true for many who have made the move to Costa Rica. Opportunity thrives on optimism, and with this, this Central American country certainly has a promising future.

John Wieland

John currently believes that this is the best time in history to being a buyer in Costa Rica. He studies global markets and the flow of funds meticulously and is seeing an upswing. He is currently working with Haute Living Magazine to promote a higher quality of luxury homes to discerning clientele throughout the US. He is rigorous in his pursuit to expand such marketing efforts and visits prominent markets like Los Angeles, Miami, New York and more to build upon his network of affluent brokers. As the President of Coldwell Banker Costa Rica’s nine offices, his #1 Priority for his franchisees’ is training. With an ever-changing industry, he carefully reviews the performance of each office and is committed to helping each succeed. He is committed to growing the brand in Costa Rica from nine offices by implementing systems and a useful business tools that brings all the offices together. A visionary and consummate professional, John saw the benefit of starting an alliance amongst other brokerages and in 2008, spearheaded Southern Pacific Alliance of Realtors (SPAR). Although this may be his most challenging work, the sustainability of this business model has already proven to be a tremendous success and benefit for the area brokers. He has built networks spanning multiple countries and is committed to providing the highest level of client service. John, a self-proclaimed wine snob, currently resides in Playa Uvita where he often chooses wine from his hidden stash while his wife prepares something fantastic to pair with it. They continue to travel and visited Spain and Germany and also enjoyed a trip to visit family in California & Arizona. He has purchased a couple properties this year and has plans to build their family home next year in Ballena. An avid golfer, he was able to tick off Torrey Pines in San Diego and PGA Championship in Palm Beach from his bucket list. He is currently reading such books like “The One Thing”, “Business Adventures”, “Tomorrow’s Gold” and “The Clipper Ship Strategy” while also finding time to play the guitar for his wife and daughter.” Keep an eye for his new love of writing on his blog and other various industry platforms.