Costa Rica Excellent Choice for Multi-Generational Getaways

Gone are the days when families packed into the station wagon and headed out across America. Today’s families are now engaging in not only multigenerational travel but also embracing the concept of eco-immersion. As Costa Rica’s ecotourism industry continues to expand and become more widely recognized around the world, the country has become the ideal choice for just such an educational adventure.

In this new twist on the family vacation, extended families are able to benefit from the ability to provide young people with an amazing level of education while at the same time enjoying the prospect of a family reunion in one of the most beautiful locales in the world. As a result, everyone is able to spend a significant amount of quality time together without the disturbances of the hectic lifestyle that they left behind at home.

Costa Rica represents an excellent opportunity for just such a getaway. Along with offering an incredible amount of biodiversity, Costa Rica is also known for its friendly locals and plethora of rental opportunities with a tropical paradise as a background. One option is to choose a location to serve as a base headquarters from which the family can explore two or even more different locations in Costa Rica, based on the length of the planned trip.

Traveling from such a base provides the ideal chance to explore the diverse geography for which Costa Rica has become so well known. At the same time, it is important to strike the right balance between traveling to other locales in the region and staying put in one place long enough to truly relax. In this regard, it is possible to take advantage of truly authentic family activities while at the same time benefitting from adventures that are rich in education and adventure. Many families frequently find it beneficial to engage the services of a guide for this type of vacation adventure rather than trying to wing it on their own.

Of course, it is to be completely expected that in a large group, many members may have divergent interests or even capabilities regarding activities. This is one of the great benefits about taking such a vacation in Costa Rica. With so many activities available, it is easy for each family member to pursue his or her passion while even adhering to physical limitations.

While the modern world has become increasingly frenetic and scheduled down to the last minute, taking a multi-generational, educational trip to Costa Rica provides the entire family with the opportunity spend quality time together, reap memories that will last a lifetime, and invest in an education that will benefit everyone for years to come.

James Drews

James Drews

Vice President, Sales. Age 43 Prior to co-founding VESTA GROUP, James moved to Costa Rica in 1996 and began his real estate career here by co-founding Dominical Realty. In 2001, the company obtained a Coldwell Banker independent franchise, and three years later partnered with another Coldwell Banker franchise in Costa Rica to become Vesta Group, the Master-Franchise-holder for the entire country. As a member of the Global Association of Realtors and the U.S.-based National Association of Realtors, the Master Franchise has already grown to ten (10) offices throughout the country, with several more currently in process. James is married to a Costa Rican, and proud father of 3 daughters ages 7,10, and 20. James, is well respected among the local and foreign community, and carries high ethical standards, and a hard working family man that seeks to provide his customers with the best level of service possible. James goes out of his way to seek out new frontiers that are ahead of the wave, and specializes in rural and remote farmland, developing land and collecting legacy type of properties. Surfing big waves, fishing, hiking, and travel are favorite pastimes. Daily goal is a new discovery. Approaching 20 years of living in Costa Rica, James knows his territory well, and has much love for his new country and it's people, and will guide you well, and share his resources and local knowle​d​ge with you to make your new venture successful.​ ​