Costa Rica Among the Top Latin American Countries

According to a recent study conducted by Future Brand, Costa Rica now ranks third among 21 Latin American countries. Costa Rica came in third only to Brazil and Argentina in the Country Brand Index Latin America list. The study was based on 2,000 interviews conducted with travelers who frequently travel to Latin America from outside the region. Also taken into account were online survey results, brand manager information, and opinions of account analysts.

Researchers working on the study evaluated brand levels of preference, the number of recommendations given by travelers, and preference. Costa Rica currently occupies premier positions in three of the categories that were evaluated, including Hotels and Resorts, Environmental Friendliness, and Natural Beauty.

According to the study, these results indicate that Costa Rica’s focus has a strong support in the sustainable development of the area’s natural beauty. Tourism is currently one of the country’s primary sources of income.

The latest index also focused on Costa Rica’s ability to bring in investments from companies specializing in the manufacturing of value-added environmentally friendly products.

One analyst noted that Costa Rica is a country to keep an eye on in the near feature, not only because of a strong sustainable and green tourism policy but also due to its potential for being recognized as a region offering a significant value proposal for blending exports promotion with tourism.

In addition, Costa Rica ranked well in several other categories, including political freedom and tolerance, a stable legal structure, and freedom of expression.

The country’s well-developed health system and pleasant climate are yet two more reasons that Costa Rica could be on the cusp of becoming an important power player in the region.

Future Brand was also responsible for the development of Costa Rica’s brand, “Essential Costa Rica.” The company has also worked with a number of other countries, including Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Peru, Dubai, Saint Lucia, and Qatar.

The full Country Brand Index list

1 Brazil
2 Argentina
3 Costa Rica
4 Chile
5 Perú
6 México
7 Uruguay
8 Panamá
9 Colombia
10 Puerto Rico
11 Dominican Republic
12 Cuba
13 Venezuela
14 Ecuador
15 Nicaragua
16 Paraguay
17 Honduras
18 Bolivia
19 El Salvador
20 Guatemala
21 Haití

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