Things to Consider Before Buying a Home in Costa Rica

With all the stunning tropical scenery around you it’s easy to let your emotions get in the way of making a good call when it comes to buying a property in Costa Rica. It’s got the perfect ocean view, just the right size and a fantastic price – but what else are you missing?

As the old saying goes, “Love is blind.” Admittedly it’s hard to not to think with your heart in such a beautiful setting, but it’s important not to lose sight of the questions you should be asking before signing on the dotted line.

1. Visit at different times during the day & night
You’re looking for an idyllic retreat close to a wide range of amenities but you can see that the town center from the properties driveway. This might be the source of unwanted noise late at night. If you can visit the property during high season so that you get a good idea of how much activity you can expect on your doorstep.

2. Research the Area
The internet is a blessing – by checking through online newspaper articles you can identify problem areas. It’s also good to find out about any potential developments or additions to local amenities. Focus on trying to find out about things that you cannot see for example, are there problems with the water supply in the area? Is there internet and cable? There are several valuable online blogs and support groups that are great for advising on some of the best areas to live in Costa Rica – so don’t just take our word for it.

3. Talk to Neighbors
Even if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s important to find out who your neighbors are. Can you identify how many people live and own homes in the area? Is there a neighborhood watch? Are there community events? Or does everyone keep themselves to themselves?

4. Never be Afraid to Ask
You’re making a commitment to buy – so don’t be shy about asking away. If you notice anything that doesn’t seem right then ensure you ask the seller about it – you might regret it later on. Find out if the residence has had any improvements and even when the exterior was re-painted. If you have ideas about what you want to do with the house, voice them to the owners to see whether they can offer any insights into work that has been carried out on the property.

5. Consider the View
Well it looks great – now, but if there is a development on the way it could potentially block your properties best ocean view. Think carefully about where your property is positioned to ensure that you can preserve one of its most valuable assets.

6. Ask for Utility bills
When the house is lit up and night it’s certainly a spectacular sight but how much electricity is this incredible property using? Ask for the utility bills so you get the full picture and can properly budget how much you expect to pay each month.

7. Bells and Whistles
Take a close look at what you need, what you want and more importantly what you can pay to maintain. Do you need a three car garage and is the pool really worth the upkeep?

8. Explore the Surrounding area
You may know your area back home like the back of your hand but how well do you know the one where you have found the house of your dreams? What homes surround this property? Is it close to an airport or hospital or are you close to farming land?

9. Know a Good Deal When you See One!
Costa Rica is well known for being a popular property investment location for Hollywood A-Listers but that doesn’t mean you have to fork out millions of dollars to own your piece of paradise. If you want to live life in the lap of luxury, surrounded by stunning coastal landscapes, take a look at this incredible residence, just reduced. Priced at $320k it’s not expected to stay on the market for long, especially when you consider the region’s growing popularity.

The South Pacific of Costa Rica is known for its unique appeal. A controlled development has ensured that this is one of the most unspoiled coastal locations in the country. Boasting world class surfing conditions, stunning beaches and home to an abundance of fascinating wildlife this is not only a dream beach and sun vacation destination but also an ideal region for permanent relocation. This 2 bedroom 2.5 bedroom property serves as the perfect Dominical residence with wide ranging potential.

You will be hard pressed to find a better equipped beach home in this price range on the market. This is a fully furnished property positioned within the highly esteemed gated community; Canto del Mar. Tastefully decorated with natural tones this beach home enjoys brilliant ocean and jungle views. With air conditioning, Cable Satellite television and washer dryer included you won’t need to do much to this luxury beach property to make it feel just like home.

When considering the best property for investment this beach unit stands out from the rest. So, what are you waiting for? It’s not often that you get the opportunity to make a sound investment that ticks all the boxes. At the right price, adequately equipped, fully furnished, tastefully decorated and close to some of the most beautiful untouched beaches in the world – this is paradise living going for a song!

Daveed Hollander

With over 2 decades of doing business in Costa Rica real estate industry Daveed Hollander is a trusted realtor for the southern pacific region of Costa Rica. Delivering a professional and tailored service Daveed offers you a wide ranging portfolio of quality properties. With an in-depth knowledge and a genuine appreciation for the area, he enthusiastically supports sustainable development in the southern pacific. A respected and active participant in the local community Daveed and his family reside in Dominical. Fluent in English and Spanish, Daveed has established regional connections and excellent communication skills allow him to successfully identify valid and authenticated investment opportunities. Well known for his friendly and genuine approach your search for a potential property is benefited by his conscientious and detail orientated service.