An Unforgettable Forest Getaway in Costa Rica

If you’re interested in taking an unforgettable forest getaway, you will find plenty of options around the world. Some of the most well-known forests in the world are the Black Forest in Germany and the rainforests of the Amazon. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica is also certainly worthy of consideration. Compared to the massive rainforests of the Amazon, the rainforest in Costa Rica is much gentler, yet will be a visit you will never forget. Spanning approximately 26,000 acres in northwest Costa Rica, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has been protected since 1972. Here, you will find an incredible array of biodiversity. In fact, the forest has more than 2,500 types of plants, including a stunning wealth of orchids. More than 400 bird species also make their home in this forest. At the same time, this forest has obviously been developed with tourism specifically in mind, complete with zip-lines and suspension bridges to make touring the forest easy.

Whether you are simply planning a forest getaway or are considering a trip to Costa Rica in the near future, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve should certainly top your list of places to visit.

James Drews

Vice President, Sales. Age 43 Prior to co-founding VESTA GROUP, James moved to Costa Rica in 1996 and began his real estate career here by co-founding Dominical Realty. In 2001, the company obtained a Coldwell Banker independent franchise, and three years later partnered with another Coldwell Banker franchise in Costa Rica to become Vesta Group, the Master-Franchise-holder for the entire country. As a member of the Global Association of Realtors and the U.S.-based National Association of Realtors, the Master Franchise has already grown to ten (10) offices throughout the country, with several more currently in process. James is married to a Costa Rican, and proud father of 3 daughters ages 7,10, and 20. James, is well respected among the local and foreign community, and carries high ethical standards, and a hard working family man that seeks to provide his customers with the best level of service possible. James goes out of his way to seek out new frontiers that are ahead of the wave, and specializes in rural and remote farmland, developing land and collecting legacy type of properties. Surfing big waves, fishing, hiking, and travel are favorite pastimes. Daily goal is a new discovery. Approaching 20 years of living in Costa Rica, James knows his territory well, and has much love for his new country and it's people, and will guide you well, and share his resources and local knowle​d​ge with you to make your new venture successful.​ ​