21 Reasons Why Costa Rica is an Expat Haven

Costa Rica is an expat haven and, indeed, one of the world’s most popular…

Here are 21 reasons why…

1. The People. Costa Ricans (Ticos) are some of the friendliest, most hospitable and attractive people in the world.

2. The Climate. Costa Rica has one of the best climates to be found anywhere. Temperatures vary by altitude, rather than season of the year, and there’s a micro-climate just for you somewhere.

3. The Diversity. Costa Rica has some of the richest biodiversity in the world. It also has amazing geographic diversity, with pristine beaches, lush green mountains and jungles teaming with flora and fauna.

4. Costa Rican Laws. Costa Rica has laws that are very friendly towards expats. Foreign investment is welcomed and you can own property in Costa Rica with the same “fee-simple title” rights as the locals.

5. Accessibility. Costa Rica, while being amazingly diverse, is a small country. You’re never more than 4 hours or so from the beach and you can drive from one coast to the other in a day. And these days, the roads really aren’t that bad.

6. Safety. Unlike many of its Central and South American neighbors, Costa Rica has remained free of social strife. Expats can roam free from threat of danger to virtually all corners of the country.

7. The Beaches. Columbus didn’t name it “the rich coast” for nothing. Costa Rica’s two coasts boast some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches.

8. Stuff to Do. Whether you like laid back pastimes such as bird watching, or hiking, or adrenaline pumping stuff like surfing, canyoning, or white water rafting, Costa Rica offers it all.

9. Communications Infrastructure. Costa Rica offers great internet and communications access to the world outside your personal paradise. These days you can work online from just about anywhere.

10. Great Food. The local cuisine is pretty darn good, but, moreover, there are areas in Costa Rica, such as Ojochal, where the international cuisine scene is getting rave reviews.

11. A Slower Pace of Life. We like to call it “living on Tico Time.”

12. Adventure. I mentioned above about the accessibility. Nevertheless, there are locations in the country that are very remote and get little traffic in the way of humans…you can escape to one and just get lost, in a good and adventurous way.

13. Gorgeous Ladies. If you’re a guy considering Costa Rica as your expat haven, you’ve probably heard about this one. It’s true!

14. A Sustainable Lifestyle. Many come to Costa Rica to live more sustainably and the country offers profound and rich opportunities to do so. You can literally live off the land here.

15. No Language Barrier. While it’s a good idea to learn how to speak the language, Costa Ricans handle non-Spanish speakers with tender love and care. And they really will appreciate and support your attempts to speak their language.

16. Great Neighbors to the North and South. Costa Rica is bordered to the north by Nicaragua and to the south by Panama. Just a little further south is Colombia. These are all great countries for visiting in their own right.

17. Cultural Diversity. You will experience a wide variety of cultural diversity in Costa Rica, from the cowboys of the Guanacaste plains to the laid-back island vibes of the Caribbean side. Costa Rica also has six indigenous tribes with amazingly interesting cultures.

18. A Live and Let Live Lifestyle. In Costa Rica no one will judge you for doing your own thing…just try to keep it as legal as possible.

19. Great Medical System. Once you get your residency, you’ll be able to participate in the public medical system for an incredibly low fee. However, Costa Rica also offers some of the best private medical care in Latin America and often at prices of around 1/3 of what you’d pay in the States.

20. Service with a Smile. I have often heard that the super service oriented attitude of the Ticos is so strong that it can be intimidating for North Americans, but, you’ll get used to it.

21. The Pura Vida Lifestyle. The national slogan of Costa Rica is “pura vida”, which literally translates to pure life. However, it serves not only as the most common greeting, but also as a way to describe what life is like in this amazing country.

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Scott Bowers

I’ve been a resident of Costa Rica for the past 15 years. I first arrived in 2001 to broker the deal that sold one of the country’s premier private universities to a U.S. publicly-held education company. For the past decade I’ve been arranging eco-intensive Costa Rica vacation tours to locations throughout the country, as well as Nicaragua, Panama and Colombia. I’ve also worked with many of the indigenous tribes in Costa Rica, helping them sell their arts and crafts and keep their cultures alive. My most recent project, in addition to joining the Coldwell Banker Dominical Realty team, is to bring the joy of growing your own food with hydroponic gardening to homes throughout Costa Rica. In a former life, prior to becoming an expat in Costa Rica, I practiced tax and corporate transactional law in the Carolinas. I also have extensive experience as a business valuation consultant and mergers and acquisitions advisor to companies in a wide variety of industries. My wife and I have seven grown children between us. I love exploring the nature of Costa Rica and I am a life-long surfer. I’ve been a blogger about all things Costa Rica for the past decade and I’ve published one popular eBook entitled 100 Cool Things to do in Costa Rica. Credentials… - Juris Doctor, cum laude, from Campbell University School of Law - LL.M in Taxation, with distinction, from Georgetown University School of Law - M.B.A. from University of South Carolina - Chartered Financial Analyst - Former Certified Business Appraiser from the Institute of Business Appraisers - Former Licensed Real Estate Broker in N.C. and S.C.